The Heaven’s Rise by Christopher Rice

Hmmm.. I don’t exactly know how I want to start this. I have this book sitting in my kindle right now at 92%. That’s not far from being completely finished and yet.. yet I don’t want to spend anymore of my precious time on it. I usually give a basic rundown of what a book is about when I do my reviews and then head it up by saying whether or not I liked the writing style, plot, characters, etc. I’m not going to summarize this time.. I like reading supernatural reads, that is why I was drawn to this book in the first place but I am truly disappointed by it. As far as writing style Christopher Rice done a decent job. I think it was just the story itself that I couldn’t connect with. When I first started this book I thought it would be easy to get into but then I don’t know, things just kept..falling short. I tried to give it a chance and kept picking the book up only to read a few more chapters and become tired of it. That is NEVER a good sign. If a book is good, really good you can stay awake much later than normal because you’ve become so engrossed in it. That is the way I like to read, when everything around you falls away and you are in so deep that time is no longer relevant. Even if a book is just ok I can still somewhat read through it pretty fast because there are usually certain parts you can get lost in. Yeah, that did not happen at all during this entire novel. My attention was easily distracted and I just became…bored. I thought about what I was going to write in this review, about if there was one character, one scene that I might spend time telling about and then I realized it’s just pointless. I give this book two stars because the overall writing/editing is done well but other than that.. *yawn*Image

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