Christmas Chaos

So the last few weeks have been completely chaotic. Non-stop, on the go.. that’s been me. I absolutely love Christmas. It is my favorite holiday. It always has been since I was a child and it hasn’t changed just because I am an adult. Christmas is full of wonder and magic, when the world is filled with love and joy.  I have two children and it has always been very important to me to give them the best Christmas possible so we pretty much start right after Thanksgiving by going out to buy the tree and then bringing it home to decorate. It gets us all in the Christmas spirit! Anyhow the point is I wanted to let my beloved subscribers know that I am sorry for the recent neglect. I have been so busy with holiday chores. Trying to get myself and my family ready for that magical day and have not had any real time to do much reading resulting in maybe a few pages a day. Therefore unable to finish any one book up and then share in the expierence. I am actively reading Splintered by A.G. Howard, Immortal Island by S.L. Ross, Angelbound by Christina Bauer, and last but certainly not least The Lost Boys by Lilian Carmine. I expect to finish at least one of those and get you guys a review posted up in the next week. I hope to get my schedule back on track when all the Christmas chaos is finally over. Thank you to everyone for the extra patience. I wish you all a very merry Christmas and happy New Year!

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