The Girl Who Kissed A Lie: An Otherworld Novella by Skylar Dorset

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The Girl Who Kissed a Lie: An Otherworld novella (Otherworld 0.5)

by Skylar Dorset

“Romantic, suspenseful and witty all at once — ALICE IN WONDERLAND meets NEVERWHERE.” � Claudia Gray, New York Times bestselling author of the Evernight series on The Girl Who Never Was

Don’t miss this enchanting prequel to the exciting summer debut of The Girl Who Never Was. Before the enchantment breaks, Selkie thinks she’s just an average teenage girl…

It’s the beginning of summer vacation, and everyone at Selkie Stewart’s Boston high school is excited. Except for Selkie, who sees herself standing at the edge of an abyss of Nothing To Do. Selkie doesn’t want to spend her summer scouring the kitchen for gnomes with her crazy aunts or mooning over the enigmatic boy on Boston Common. So instead Selkie goes in search of a job. What she finds is a new best friend, a cute boy who might be more than he seems, and even more question about her mother and her past — and a sense that Selkie’s adventures are just beginning.

My Thoughts:
Let me say that I have read The Girl Who Never Was and I LOVED it. It was FANTASTIC! Now as for this prequel, it fell a little flat for me but please, please, if you have not yet read The Girl Who Never Was, please don’t let this novella discourage you away from it because it is absolutely ENCHANTING and if your a y/a, paranormal/fantasy fan it is a book you will not want to miss!

2.5 Stars

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