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Revelation by Randi Cooley Wilson, Book Blitz Giveaway + Excerpt And Character Interview


“I found myself so deep in the story, my ipad followed me everywhere I went so I could sneak a second to read a page or two just because I kept thinking about it.” – My Book Boyfriend

REVELATION, the first novel in the new adult Revelation series by debut author Randi Cooley Wilson, is a journey of self-discovery, love and sacrifice and has been compared to INESCAPABLE by Amy Bartol and HUSH HUSH by Becca Fitzpatrick. If you want to be swept away into a new world with paranormal characters you haven’t read about before then you should snag a copy of REVELATION today! Want to learn more about REVELATION? Be sure to check out this exclusive interview with Randi Cooley Wilson!

Win some awesome prizes:

A $25 gift card to Amazon or B&N (winners choice, open internationally), 3 runner up prizes: A signed copy of REVELATION and bookmark (open to US entrants only).

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About Revelation: 

A DIVINE SECRET, A LOYAL PROTECTOR, A FORBIDDEN LOVE. Eve Collins starts her freshman year at college blissfully unaware that one revelation will challenge everything she’s believed to be true about her family, life, and future, and right in the midst of it all is Asher St. Michael. Mysterious and aloof, Asher is appointed to protect Eve at all costs. Bound by his oath of loyalty to mankind, loving her is forbidden. Dark and enigmatic, Gage Gallagher may be even more dangerous to Eve than the demonic army that hunts her. Caught in the middle of a centuries old war, Eve must choose sides knowing that the wrong choice will cost more than just her life. Can Asher and Eve fulfill their destinies or will their love destroy everything? Revelation is a journey of self-discovery, love, and sacrifice. Get your copy at: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks Add REVELATION to your TBR pile on Goodreads!

randicooleywilsonAbout Randi Cooley Wilson:

Randi was born and raised in Massachusetts where she attended Bridgewater State University and graduated with a degree in Communication Studies. After graduation she moved to California where she lived happily bathed in sunshine and warm weather for fifteen years. She and her husband recently moved back to Massachusetts with their daughter where she was encouraged to begin writing again.

Connect with her at her website | Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | Goodreads

Excerpt: Why do you care?

“Cold?” A deep, cocky voice greets me. I look up to see Asher leaning against a black Aston Martin DB9, my dream car. Damn if he isn’t looking every bit as delicious as he normally does. I really need to get my head examined. My lips form a tight line. “Why do you care?” It comes out harsher than I meant it too. Why does this guy get under my skin? The unnerving guy holds his stance, his scrutiny still focused on me. I try to ignore the burning sensation his gaze causes as it settles into my skin. I’m definitely not cold anymore. Asher breaks the awkward silence after a few moments. “Do I make you anxious, Eve?” “No.” I shiver but for a different reason now. My name sounds like a prayer on his lips. Nodding his head in understanding, he prowls over to me like a predator who has its prey in their trap. “You sure?” he whispers. Holding my position, I lift my chin and attempt to show him he doesn’t affect me. “Yes.” Asher stops in front of me, bends down and forces me to look him in the eye. My eyelids flutter just the tiniest bit at his body’s nearness to mine. Damn traitorous body. The corners of his mouth lift smugly as he moves closer. So close I can feel his minty warm breath on my lips. Chuckling quietly, he takes off his jacket and my heart begins doing back flips. His shoulders are really broad. Slowly, he leans forward, wrapping his leather coat over my shoulders, engulfing me with warmth and his intoxicating scent.

An Interview With The Revelation Cast: Eve, Asher, and Gage!

In my opinion, it’s always fun to get to know your favorite book characters on a more personal level. Recently, I sat down with some of my main characters from Revelation over coffee, while getting to know Eve, Asher and Gage better. Hope you enjoy it!

Q: Okay guys let’s start off with an easy one. If you could be an animal, what would it

Asher: “This is an easy one for me, a dragon.” (Smirks sexily)
Eve: “I think, a giraffe. They have really pretty long necks and lovely eye lashes.”
Gage: “A giraffe? Any animal in the world, love, and you pick a giraffe?”
Asher: “Giraffes are beautiful animals, good pick, siren.” (Squeezes Eve’s hand)
Gage: (Sighs deeply) “A lion.”

Q: Give me one word that sums up your Revelation character?

Asher: “Intense.”
Eve: “Unsure.”
Gage: “Wise.”

Q: Eve, you and Asher have intense chemistry, but you also have amazing chemistry
with Gage. Can you talk about that dynamic?

Eve: “Asher and I definitely have a powerful relationship. On the one hand, he’s very intense with me, but at the same time, he treats me with nothing but love, adoration and awe. Gage always has me guessing, which keeps me on edge. I’m never really sure where I stand with him which is what makes our relationship rocky, but magnetic. It also helps that both boys are easy on the eyes.” (Giggles)

Q: Asher can you describe Eve for me?

Asher: “There’s just something beautiful about her. Eve is very strong. She’s not
the damsel in distress type of girl. It’s actually kind of weird. Before we met, I
expected her to be a wreck, but she’s tough. At the same time, there is softness to
Eve when she lets her guard down and that draws you in. Plus she’s stunning, I
mean look at her.” (Side-glances to Eve and locks eyes for a moment)

Q: Gage, we’re still getting to know you, and I understand over the course of the
Series, we’ll get to know more. Is there anything you can tell us about your character that we have not learned yet in Revelation?

Gage: “I think I’m misunderstood. I don’t over complicate things. I happen to
be very deep, and unlike Asher, who is reactive, I tend to be more strategic and
thoughtful when I approach situations. Over the course of the series, I think you’ll
start to learn more about why I am, the way I am, and why I choose to do the
things I do.”

Q: Eve you’re the vessel in which readers get to experience the story, through your
eyes. What is the one thing you hope the reader takes away from it?

Eve: “I hope that readers understand that this story is truly one of self-discovery,
love and sacrifice. Not just for my character, but every character who
makes up this story.”

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