Darkness Becomes Her (Gods & Monsters #1) by Kelly Keaton

So here’s the deal with Darkness Becomes Her. I really like the fact that the book is set in New Orleans or New 2 as they call it in the book. New Orleans can be really fun to have your book set in because usually when you have New Orleans you also have voodoo/black magic. Me personally, I really enjoy reading about that sort of thing. Now let me also say that this book really didn’t have that much black magic incorporated in it, just a little. Basically Ari is a girl that has grown up with a foster family and she goes out to follow some leads on her real family to find out where she came from because well.. lets face facts.. she’s a bit of a freak. When she arrives in New 2 she hooks up with this band of ‘misfits’ and finds out that the supernatural really does exist. There isn’t too much action in this first installment of the Gods & Monsters series with the exception of a few run ins with some guys that try to kill her. But don’t let that stop you that from reading because it’s very much worth it. I read the entire book in two days! The main goal of this story is to find out exactly who or what Ari is. I don’t really want to say anything else because I don’t want to give the book away but I can say this much.. the ending definitely delivered for me. I will absolutely be picking up the 2nd book in the series to find out where Ari and her gang of misfits will be headed from here.